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Group dynamics
Each branch of the group company to carry out fire emergency drills2017-01-19 Solemnly declare2017-01-17 About 500 thousand tons of differentiated Tiansheng chemical fiber project construction schedule2017-01-17 Tianshen holdind Group begin chemical fiber second phase project2017-01-16 Announcement2017-01-16 Safety production weightier than Mount Tai2017-01-16 Deepen the safety training2017-01-16 Promote physical examination Pay for employee health2017-01-16 Fire knowledge lecture2017-01-16 Winter safety precautions2016-12-19
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  • Telephone:0086-575-84883527
  • Fax:0086-575-84885578
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  • Factory Address:No.6756 ,Xingbin Road ,Binhai industrial zone,Keqiao district,Shaoxing (the end of Xingbin Road North)
  • Office Address:20/F,Beichen Commerce Building,NO.649 Jiefang North Road,Yuecheng District,Shaoxing(Shaoxing) Zip code:312030
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